Doctor Ajay Goyal

“Do Not Buy” Movement

The Campaign :

The Power of “Do Not Buy” Movement : Abstain from purchasing for various ethical, environmental and social reasons.

Uniting Consumers for Change : It iscollective action against countries which are engaged in harmful or unethical practices.

The Why behind the Movement : It is against thecountries with perceived human rights violations.

The Mechanics of Change : The use of hashtags #DoNotBuy operates on a premise which is withholding public funds to pressure countries and political parties into changing their behaviour.

Measuring Impact : In some cases, countries and political parties have made significant changes in response to society pressure.

The Evolution of Consumer Power : The rise of the “Do Not Buy Movement” is a testament to the evolving power of public in today’s world.

The Value Revolution:

Purpose and Values:

  • Abstaining from purchasing for ethical, environmental, and societal reasons.
  • Targets countries and political parties engaged in harmful or unethical practices.

Roots of the Movement:

  • Concerns over human rights violations.
  • Growing awareness of public choices.

Mechanics of Action:

  • Utilizes social media hashtags, like #DoNotBuy, to spread awareness.
  • Withholding funds to pressure change in country and political party behaviour.

Impact and Effectiveness:

  • Countries and political parties have to alter their practices in response to public pressure.
  • Demonstrates the tangible influence of collective action by the public.

Evolution of Public Power:

  • A shift from passive participation to active, informed decision-making in societal matters.
  • Focus on the ethical implications of public choices.

Conclusion and Significance:

  • Power of collective action in driving change in countries and political parties.
  • Reminder that countries and political entities must align with the values and concerns of society.
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